Welcome to the home of Vinyl Dynasty!
Welcome to the home of Vinyl Dynasty!


Check back here regularly to find out what's going on at our station.

Vinyl Dynasty is up and running again!<

We apologise for the recent outage forn the last 72 hours, however, I have been very busy with work (as always) and didn't see the email from from our streaming provider. Had I seen the message in time, I could have switched to another IP address and continued broadcasting uninterrupted. We are now back online bringing you the best in Hard Rock and Metal 24/7. Thanks for your patience.

Music Monday debuts on Vinyl Dynasty Radio 2/8/2016!

Join Michele for the inaugural edition of Music Monday! It is a 3 hour segment which will air continously throughout the day from midnight EST on Sunday until midnight EST on Monday. The show features an eclectic mix of Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal. 


  We are pleased to welcome JJ O'Neill to Vinyl Dynasty. His show will be airing all day on Wednesdays, repeating continuously. Please join JJ for a blistering set of metal every week on Firestorm Rocks, imported from the UK and heard exclusively on Vinyl Dynasty!



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